Isaiah and the Virgin Birth Prophecy

It may come as a shock to some folks, but biblical prophets did not necessarily foretell future events. They spoke the words of God and admonished wayward people. However, some prophesied noteworthy events — such as Isaiah and the virgin birth of Jesus.

Atheists cannot handle prophecy and try to denigrate it by saying people who came later got creative and fabricated the foretelling. (They assert but never provide evidence.) Isaiah 7:14 reads, ". . .the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son. . ." Disputes exist if she is a virgin or only a young woman.

The prophesy of Isaiah about the virgin birth is disputed. The word for virgin can be translated different ways, but context and history clear it up.
Isaiah, Ernest Meissonier, 1838
There are several problems with this passage. If the girl was just a young woman, the prophecy is no big deal. Also, the word translated as young woman or virgin can legitimately be translated either way. Context is important, as are historical events. We learn, to the dismay of misotheists, that it was indeed a virgin that conceived according to prophecy.
Isaiah is a beloved book of the Bible for its multiple specific prophecies regarding Jesus’ birth, life, and death. However, Bible skeptics must oppose the idea of predictive prophecy because it is one of the most unique aspects of Scripture that sets it apart from the “holy books” of other religions. If the Bible contains genuine prophecy, it must be divinely inspired.

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