Fossilized Stingrays in Wyoming

Interesting how so many fossils contain critters that are recognizable, or extinct species of their living counterparts. As emphasized many times, more and more detailed fossils are being discovered. Also, such great detail requires rapid burial.

Many fossils are found in the wrong place. Of course, believers in deep time and universal common descent will evosplain those things away. Some challenges cannot be easily dismissed. Consider marine creatures such as whales in the desert or today's subject, fossilized stingrays in Wyoming.

Believers universal common descent are faced with detailed fossils of delicate creatures in the wrong place, such as stingrays in Montana.
Stingray fossil, Wikimedia Commons / Bob Richmond (CC BY 2.0) (cropped)
Some folks assume that if creatures were fossilized together, they must have been neighbors. Out-of-place fossils put that notion to rest. In addition to great detail, the fact that delicate creatures are fossilized at all point to rapid burial.

That these things have happened in so many different places, the evidence is part of the greater testimony to the global Genesis Flood. To read more about this subject, head on over to "How Did Stingrays Get Fossilized in Wyoming?"