Downward Spiral of Secular Cosmology

We have seen that, according to the expectations of secular cosmologists, the universe does not act its age. Expected antiquity is absent, and celestial bodies in our own solar system show activity that should not be happening. The bigger picture of the universe is also troubling to cosmic evolution.

Earth orbits the sun, a well-behaved star in a galaxy with billions of its closest friends. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. It is part of a larger group and...things just keep getting bigger. Barred spiral galaxies (like ours is thought to be) are another problem for secular scientists.

Hubble image of barred spiral galaxy, NASA, ESA, et al (usage does not imply endorsement) (modified at PhotoFunia)
It's that pesky James Webb Space Telescope contraption again. Secularists put that thing up there to confirm their biases about the Big Bang and the age of the universe, and they may very well be having some regrets. Spiral galaxies, expanding universe — okay, fine. But according to their models and storyline, "mature" galaxies are in the wrong place at the wrong time; their predictions failed again. In fact, evidence supports predictions by creationists!
Conventional theories have a difficult time accounting for the existence of a distant galaxy whose existence has been revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope This galaxy, designated ceers-2122, is a barred spiral galaxy. As the name implies, a barred spiral galaxy is a galaxy with a spiral-like shape and a “bar” of material crossing its center. . . 

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