Fantasyland and Scientism Speculations

As people who have studied apologetics or even simply observed the way atheists treat Christians see, atheists have a penchant for playing word games. For example, when something was posted about scientism, a tinhorn lied and said we were against science. Wrong-o!

Scientism essentially fits the definitions of a religion, being a way of life and a kind of salvation. People with that worldview act like science is the only way to knowledge. Ironically, it does not make them the intellectually elite — scientism is self-refuting.

Scientism is the self-refuting belief that all knowledge comes through science. Secularists are following that and getting into fantasy speculations.
Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing, William Blake, 1786 (Darwin's watching face added, obviously)

As noted several times, the secular science industry supports leftist causes (here is a recent report). In return, those politicians give tax money. Secularists have a materialistic belief system that provides a dubious foundation for morality. It is indeed unfortunate that many people have faith in an unrealistic view of what they consider to be noble scientists.

 Some of the stuff passed off as research seems like it was induced by peyote, such as my heart surgery being caused by the hearts of our fish ancestors. Some of the stuff coming out of the secular science industry seems to be getting more fantastical all the time. Lots of guesses, stories, and speculation, but precious little real science. This is what denying the Creator and Redeemer does to the mind and spirit, old son.

Gone are the days when the founders of science emphasized rigorous observation and explanation based on hard evidence. Now, anything goes. Journals and universities publish things that could never be proved, justifying that it “might” be true, “may” have happened long ago, or “could” conceivably come true in the distant future. If it supports Darwinism, or stimulates frantic action against climate change, all the better.

Mixed in with the fantasy are solid, legitimate, empirical studies based on reason, evidence, authority and logic (R.E.A.L.). The result is a morass of science, mythology and misinformation that degrades public trust, making it difficult for anyone to separate the wheat from the chaff. The coveted imprimatur of “science” loses its honor when there is no boundary between Frontierland and Fantasyland.

Ask how anyone could know or prove the following claims made by sources of “science” media:

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