Bloodlines, Racism, and other Evolutionary Lunacies

It sure does look like the hands at the Darwin Ranch have been slipping away from Deception Pass, heading down Folly Road, and harvesting the peyote buttons that grow near there. Not only is peyote an endangered species, but it causes hallucinations — useful in making evolutionary propaganda.

Evolutionists are being disingenuous with data, even lying, to prop up evolution and deny creation. Also, news on Neanderthals and the Denisovans.
We have three connected articles to consider. The first is a prairie schooner-full of unscientific and illogical foolishness, such as moving the goalposts by redating inconvenient facts. Some falsehoods were mixed in:
  • Although Neanderthals were fully human with ranges overlapping those of other humans (and a passel of interbreeding going on), dishonest Darwinists are playing fast and loose with dates associated with tool making.
  • Speaking of Neanderthals, evolutionists are asserting they had the capacity for speech. (That is a big problem for them on several levels. See "Children, Reading, and Failed Evolutionary Paradigms" for more.) Although biblical creationists know they could talk, this child lacks belief that such a thing can be known from studying ear remnants.
  • Disagreement at the Darwin Ranch over a skeleton hand. It clearly belonged to an ape that swung from trees, but some insist that those critters were on their way to becoming human. Others, not so much.

You can read about these items and more over at "Early Man Stories Becoming More Convoluted". Be sure to come back for our next items!

Glad you could make it back. Long ago, Europeans had the notion that the best people had superior bloodlines; good traits were passed along from parents to children. Obviously, this was before the science of genetics (pioneered by Gregor Mendel, peas be upon him) put that concept to rest for the most part. (In fact, inferior traits due to genetic mutations were passed along in royal bloodlines.) The word race was used in the 1400s to reflect this concept, where some "races" were inferior — blatantly contradicted by biblical principles because God created only one race. This racism was applied by evolutionists to the Neanderthals.

Fortunately, the “inferior or primitive race” idea has now been widely debunked. In 2014, Paolo Villa and Wil Roebroeks performed an extensive review of Neanderthal research. The available evidence did not support the opinion that Neanderthals were less advanced anatomically, or in any other way, than modern humans. There is no justification for the “modern human superiority complex,” they said.

Since that study was published, abundant new research has confirmed this conclusion. The most recent example was a study finding that Neanderthals used identical Nubian technology as did modern humans. Nubian Levallois technology is a distinctive type of stone knapping used to make sharp stone tools; it was developed during the Paleolithic period. The report observed that Neanderthals made use of a “technology previously argued to be a trademark of modern humans.” The evidence included stone tools found in Shukbah cave in the West Bank area of Israel, where Neanderthals lived.

To read the entire article, carve your path over to "Neanderthal Man: Paleoanthropology Evolving from Racism to Brotherhood". We have one more installment after that.

It was mighty nice of Denis to let folks use his cave. They've only been known for just over a decade and were given the handle of Denisovans. Physical evidence for these people is very sparse, and they are known primarily from their DNA and artifacts. Denisovans were thought to be a subgroup of the Neanderthals, and for many years the Neanderthals were considered a link between humans and apes. After they were upgraded to fully human, scientists are thinking that the preliminary results indicate that the Denisovans were also fully human. This isn't good news for the peyote-popping hands of the Darwin Ranch, but works just fine for biblical creationists.

The team was able to confirm previous results showing high levels of Denisovan ancestry in the region where the Denisovan fossils were found. The finding of “distinct genomic traces of ancient interbreeding events with Denisovans” is evidence that they were one species with modern humans. Other genetic analysis has found similar results.

Meyer et al. in 2012, publishing in Science, determined that no new genes compared to modern humans have been detected in the Denisovans. A total of 34 new gene variants were found in which the protein sequence differs only in 1–2 amino acids from modern human protein sequences in areas known to cause diseases. This also supports the position that Denisovans and humans both belonged to the same created kind.

. . .

Observers should be suspicious of claims that Denisovans are a species of Neanderthal. Recall that for close to 150 years Neanderthals were believed to be an evolutionary link between modern humans and our ape-like ancestors. . . It is only recently that they were confirmed to be modern humans, not an inferior race on the way to becoming fully modern. Likewise, it now appears that the Denisovans are not an archaic subspecies of Neanderthals as once claimed, but fully modern humans as well.

You can read the entire article by clicking on "Denisovans Were Modern People".