Testing the New Design

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

After seeing that so many people visit using mobile devices, I tried to make corrections in the existing format to no avail. So, I had to cowboy up and put in a "responsive" theme that is friendly to smartphones, tablets, and other computers. I see that the existing posts would get some of the image credits scooped up in the preview, so I have to put a bit more text up here so it is not so strange.

Credit: Unsplash / Bonnie Kittle
This forced me to make many adjustments in the layout, colors, and so on. I'm not entirely satisfied, but mayhaps it's because the whole thing is a big change. This text is Georgia because it's on my mind.

Since blockquotes on existing posts were really squirrelly, I added a CSS blockquote format. New posts may take it, but existing posts are going to do...something else. I try to make the blockquotes stand out, including a different typeface and color than the rest. This text is supposed to be Arial.

So now I'll test this and see what happens. Hope your day is going well.