Children, Reading, and Failed Evolutionary Paradigms

Evolutionary assumptions carry a great deal of baggage, and most of it fails under scrutiny. Misotheists assert that "children are born atheist", which is absolutely unscientific and has been refuted — and evidence indicates the opposite. In a similar way, children are born with the capacity for language.

Not only is the claim that children are born blank-slate atheists false, they also have a capacity for language that is problematic for evolution.
Credit: slightly edited image from Unsplash / Iana Dmytrenko

Indeed, since secularists know that children have an inborn knowledge of the Creator, they want to get that nasty ol' theism indoctrinated out of them and replaced with evolutionism. Children are not blank slates, old son, but were given many capabilities by their Creator.

A spell back, we saw that children are born "wired" for reading. This subject needs to be examined further, as it causes a Gordian knot for atoms-to-anthropologist thinking. There is no scientific evidence that something as complex as language (including recognition of shapes) evolved from stupid early humans making grunting sounds. This may also indicate why it is easier for youngsters to learn additional languages in addition to that of their countries of residence.

Also, theistic evolutionists are stumped because Adam was able to give names to animals from the beginning. This means that they cannot believe that they Bible says what it means in Genesis and later passages.

“Humans are born with brains ‘prewired’ to see words.” So said a news item on a science website. But this would hardly be news to any mother reading a book to a child sitting on her knee. She sees that her child quickly develops the ability to recognize the shape of letters and to associate names with the shapes. Her child can soon recognize whole words at a glance.

The study concluded that a part of the human brain from infancy “is more connected functionally to the language network of the brain than it is to other areas”. One of the researchers speculated, “It’s interesting to think about how and why our brains develop functional modules that are sensitive to specific things like faces, objects, and words.”

To read the rest of this very interesting article, visit "Prewired language processing — an evolutionary ‘Catch 22’". The relevant part of the video below is supposed to start at 6 minutes, 26 seconds.