Solving the Missing Time Puzzle of Black Canyon

The Western part of the formerly United States has a passel of areas to cause excitement for geologists. If you find yourself out Colorado way, look for Gunnison National Park. Then head over to Black Canyon (because black canyons matter) and look for the Painted Wall.

Painted Rock at Black Canyon presents several puzzles for secular geologists, including missing eons of time. Creation Science has better explanations.
Credits: National Park Service (public domain, see the original here),
then modified at Big Huge Labs

Biblical creationists agree with their secular counterparts about many aspects of how these things formed, but not about deep time. Here, people who made the park signs used the assigned age given by secularists to this basement rock of 1.7 billion years (I don't know scientists held their pinkie fingers up to their mouths when they said that alleged age, though). Also, there is a problem of missing eons of time where a huge chunk of it is missing. Then that unconformity, like others around the world, makes things even more puzzling.

Over and over, uniformitarian geology fails to explain what is observed, so rescuing devices need to be employed. Sometimes, 'It's a mystery" is a sufficiently "scientific" explanation. If people unplugged from their deep-time paradigm and plugged in a creation science Genesis Flood model, things would make a heap more sense.

Painted Wall is 2,250 feet of almost vertical dark metamorphic crystalline basement rock. Gashes of light-colored igneous rocks across its face look like fossilized lightning bolts. Official park books and signage try to explain how this happened, but they weave in some wild storylines.

This basement rock formed early in Earth’s history. Secular and biblical perspectives both acknowledge that crustal rock was cooked and squeezed under pressure. Later, molten material mixed with extremely hot water was injected into cracks and fissures, putting the painted look on the stunning cliffsides. This once-forceful injection implies much higher energy was at work here than we find today.

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