Natural Selection and Building a Better Mouse

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

You have probably heard the expression, "If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door", which is wrongly attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson (even though sites like Brainy Quote spread the error). Another saying is, "If you build a better mousetrap, nature will build a better mouse". Really?

To borrow from an expression about building a better mousetrap and nature building a better mouse, what would happen? Use imagination, then reality.
Credits: Original from RGBStock / Krzysztof (Kriss) Szkurlatowski,
modified with cat, frame, etc. at PhotoFunia

Purveyors of molecules-to-mouse evolution have been known to personify evolution, natural selection, and nature (or "mother nature') as intelligent beings (which is reification). Sometimes those beings make choices on evolution. Because they are invoking teleology, this is a direct contradiction of the random purposeless evolution that Darwin proposed.

An article on irreducible complexity by Dr. Jason Lisle has images of a mousetrap at the beginning. Mousetraps have been used as illustrations for this principle for a while. Even before the term irreducible complexity was first used, biblical creationists have been pointing out that mousetraps, components of living cells, and other things must have everything in place at the same time or nothing works. This by itself refutes machinations of the Bearded Buddha and his disciples, and points to the Master Engineer.

Natural selection (developed by creationist Edward Blyth long before it was hijacked by Charles Darwin) is not a creative force. It can be more accurately consider to be a culling force, removing the unfit from surviving and passing along their genes to later generations. Natural selection is not evolution.

Let's venture into the wonderful world of evolutionary imagination for a spell. Miriam Mouse saw other mice (including her husband Sebastian) die in traditional tried 'n' true mousetraps. She saw the mechanism work and heard the snap. Miriam was smarter and faster, so she absconded with the bait. When she saw the young buck Marvin Mouse also succeed, she happily remarried. Many of their pups avoided traps.

Evolutionists falsely claim that pesticide and antibiotic resistances are evidence of evolution, but no genetic information is added. It is essentially human-imposed natural selection; organisms without resistance were eliminated while those that already had resistance built into their genes survived and reproduced.

This is similar to the "better mouse" idea. A form of natural selection culled those that could not avoid the trap, but the fittest survived and passed along their genes. Imagine that! No evolution would have occurred, no new genetic information that is required for vertical evolution could be given. Indeed, mice and microorganisms were using what was built into them by our Creator from the get-go.