Fake News for T. Rex Feathered Babies

Those fun-loving folks purveying evoporn persist in promoting the majority beliefs that not only did dinosaurs evolve into birds, but they had feathers as well. T. Rex young'uns allegedly sported them as well. Some of us demand evidence, not just inferences or just-so stories.

Purveyors of the belief that dinosaurs had feathers have made claims that young T. Rex fossils showed them. There is no actual evidence for this.
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We have examined claims that fossils show evidence of feathers (one post is "More On Dinosaur Feather Fake News"), but there is no conclusive evidence for this. Not that it matters, really, because God may have chosen to make some with feathers. It is not a threat to biblical creation science (but perhaps a threat to real science and logic when Darwin's disciples illogically extrapolate that into proof they evolved into birds). However, there is still no real evidence for feathered dinosaurs. Some interesting paleontology was tainted by non-science when feathers on young ones was claimed.

The recent discovery of a tiny tyrannosaur jaw bone fragment and a claw has some scientists again pushing dinosaurs as birds. But is there any evidence that T. rex had feathers, as so often is portrayed, let alone as young hatchlings?

A group of paleontologists, led by Gregory Funston from the University of Edinburgh, have identified the first embryonic bones from a tyrannosaur, a tiny jaw fragment and a claw. The science team wrote:

You can finish the article at "No Evidence T. rex Hatchlings Had Feathers".