Secularists Moving DNA Goalposts

When the numbers are not working out the way the Party desires, change them. It is known that DNA is a fragile molecule and cannot last indefinitely. When the Darwin Party's deep-time dogma was challenged by DNA in a mammoth tusk, they changed the numbers.

Evidence for recent creation and the Flood are bad for secularists, so they change so-called facts. DNA deteriorates, but a secular miracle occurred.
Credit: Flickr / Andrew Wilkinson (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Naturalists protect their storyline. We have seen many other instances where they ignored data, tampered with the evidence, and lied outright. Not content to play the cards they're dealt, they deal from the bottom of the deck — or even print their own cards to stash in their sleeves to play as needed. We have two articles showing how these Darwinoids are acting in an extremely unscientific manner to deny recent creation and the Genesis Flood. That stinks, Sebastian.

There is an upper limit on how long DNA can last. That number was adjusted because Darwin needs mega years to make his magick. Since the DNA in a mammoth's tusk was in permafrost, that changed things. Sure, cold might slow the decay rate of DNA, but their claims are based on deep-time presuppositions. It is faith and assumptions, not observable evidence. Further, the claims of "sequencing the genome" are suspicious, since all they obtained were fragments.

Also, since there were varieties of mammoths, these sidewinders did the sneaky bait-and-switch word trick by referring to varieties and variations as evolution, which is intended to imply that Papa Darwin was right. But none of that evolution is present. They're trying to pull the wool over our eyes again by imposing their beliefs on the evidence.

Any DNA found older than this upper limit will cause huge problems for the evolutionary dating scheme.

Researchers have extracted and reconstructed DNA from a mammoth tusk they say is 1.2 million Darwin Years old. This is a new record, they say. It was possible only because the tusk was buried in permafrost. Their conclusions should be remembered if DNA much older is ever found.

You can read the amazing report at "Scientists Set Maximum Lifetime for Ancient DNA". Be sure to come back for the second item.

Our next part obviously has a bit of overlap, but there are several things discussed that relate to the age of the earth and biblical creation science. What is really the oldest DNA actually discovered? How could these furry critters survive such exceptionally low, harsh temperatures and conditions for so many years in the Ice Age? Take a look a creation science Flood models, and things make a great deal more sense.

Although it may be possible for cold temperatures to preserve segments of DNA for one million years, mammoths defy long-age expectations in other ways. A great mystery of Earth history is how millions of woolly mammoths thrived in Siberia during the Ice Age. Siberian winters are brutally cold, with typical lows of 40 degrees below zero, but annual mammoth migrations to warmer latitudes would have been impractical. How could the mammoth—even with its wooly insulation—have guarded against such brutally cold temperatures?

The Genesis Flood provides an indirect but responsible answer that starts by explaining the Ice Age in general. Rapid seafloor spreading greatly warmed the world’s oceans, including the northern Pacific and Arctic oceans. This dramatically increased evaporation, putting enormous amounts of moisture into the atmosphere. This moisture fell as ice and snow at higher latitudes and elevations, triggering the Ice Age.

To read the article, see "Mammoth DNA: The Oldest Ever Found?"