Not Fooled by Land Vertebrate Evolution Stories

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have been desperately trying to shloop stories and fool the public. Mayhaps they are on the prod because biblical creation science ministries have been trying to teach people to think and ask questions. The problem of Rohmer's Gap is not going away.
Evolutionists are making fools of themselves with bad excuses for gaps in the fossil record. Their own model fails,  but creation science explains.
Pederpes image credit: Wikimedia Commons / DiBgd (CC BY-SA 3.0)

No, Rohmer's Gap is nowhere near the Darwin Ranch. It is in the fossil record regarding missing transitional forms (as if they had any undisputed transitional forms in the first place!), and it's huge. Try as they might, evolutionists cannot shrink or eliminate the gap despite a few prospective failed candidates. They plug in their naturalistic models, but those do not explain what is observed. Using a creation science Flood geology model, however, makes a great deal more sense of the evidence. Yippie ky yay, secularists!

One of the biggest hurdles for evolution to overcome is the transition of creatures from living in water to living on land. In the previous article, I showed how all of the alleged aquatic ancestors that were supposedly evolutionary precursors of terrestrial -- creatures were nothing more than unique types of fish-like creatures that couldn’t have lived on land. But the secular story gets even more implausible due not only to a huge absence of transitional fossils during the period of time in which the early land vertebrate evolution supposedly took place, but also to an explosion of complex terrestrial life at the beginning of the Carboniferous (Mississippian system).

During the mid-1900s, Alfred Romer, a Harvard vertebrate paleontologist, candidly noted that about 30 million years of time following the end of the Devonian (Age of Fishes) and extending into the overlying Carboniferous contained no transitional fishto-tetrapod fossils to help the evolutionary cause. This glaring lack of land-evolving tetrapod fossils became widely known among paleontologists as Romer’s Gap.

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