How the Appendix got its "Vestigial" Status

It is one thing for scientists to make mistakes, but Darwin's acolytes are slow to correct them when the naturalism narrative is threatened. Indeed, several icons of evolution have been referenced on this site alone that continue unabated. One of these is the claim that the appendix is "vestigial".

Although it has been known for many years that so-called vestigial organs are useful, dishonest Darwinists continue to deceive people with falsehoods.

Neotinic atheists and many evolutionists are happy to let errors slide despite the oft-repeated mantra that "science is self-correcting". So-called vestigial structures/organs were supposedly unneeded leftovers from our evolutionary past, so they atrophied or became nonfunctional. Like the claim of "junk" DNA, evidence was hitched to the wagon of evolutionary presuppositions, and a passel of hubris was added to the load. All of these are assumptions based on worldviews, not conclusions based on scientific evidence.

The hubris is that secularists did not understand DNA (which had not been fully sequenced), nor did they understand the functions of certain structures, those must be evidence for evolution. (Don't get me started again on how these jaspers think that loss of functions or characteristics somehow demonstrates onward and upward evolution!) When creationists slap leather with them by pointing out that these useless things are actually beneficial, these owlhoots conveniently redefine the word vestigial. That's sneaky, Sebastian.

To borrow from the Grinch, the final note in their symphony of downright nasty not-niceness is that in many cases, some sidewinders have known for many years that these structures are not only useful, but important! They'll tweak the idea, but continue to try and hoodwink people into rejecting the genius work of the Creator and accepting nonsensical evolutionism. (Interestingly, the vestigial appendix claim seems to be absent from college-level anatomy textbooks, but does appear in other textbooks.) The evidence is overwhelming that the appendix has at least five major functions, so don't believe false claims by Darwinists.

Again, we need to be asking inconvenient questions, such as, "Since the appendix has been known to be useful for many years, why the deception to continue using it as evidence for evolution?" Watch for the inane jabbering. If you study on it a moment, you'd see that they wouldn't have these problems if they admitted that the Master Engineer made things for certain purposes, and if they also had enough humility to admit that there is more to learn about those purposes. Savvy that, pilgrim?
Evolutionists have entertained several hypotheses regarding the continuing existence of the appendix in the human body. One idea claims it is a leftover from a leaf-eating ancestor. Another is that it is an evolutionary remnant of the cecum (one end of the large intestine where the appendix is located). Another idea is it was once used by now-extinct human evolutionary predecessors to help digest certain food types. Darwin taught that all rudimentary organs, “far from presenting a strange difficulty, as they assuredly do for the ordinary doctrine of creation, might even have been anticipated, and can be accounted for, by the laws of inheritance” via evolution.

One of the most detailed early discussions of the appendix is in the book The Structure of Man: An Index to His Past History by Robert Wiedersheim. He used the term ‘vermiform process’ instead of appendix, noting considerable variation exists in this organ, and furthermore, he claimed it becomes corrupted with age. Wiedersheim did not label it vestigial, or claim it had no function. Instead, he did not mention a function.

You can read the entire article at "Rupturing a Myth: The Human Appendix Is Not Vestigial". In addition, consider reading "Vestigial Organs Going to the Dogs". The video below has a segment that is about six minutes long, and is supposed to start at the 14 minutes, 39 seconds mark: