Intolerance and Dishonesty from Apostles of Evolutionism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

We have seen here are that promulgators of evoporn, whether misotheists or their churchian allies, reveal their determination to indoctrinate people into universal common ancestor evolutionism. Many are fanatically intolerant of other views, especially of their circulation.

Secularists have been increasing their efforts at indoctrination, and are actively deceiving people about creation science and the I.D. movement.

Before we saddle up and ride this trail, it needs to be emphasized again that there are people who are evolutionists because that's how they were trained; apparently many are unaware that there are other views of origins. In addition, many scientists want to just do science stuff. It's the proselytizers — the indoctrinators — that are the problem.

Ideally, science thrives on challenges, better ideas, examining the logic, scrutinizing the validity of data, asking if sufficient evidence was utilized, and more. (Similar things in our lives also benefit from similar scrutiny.) Darwin's cheerleaders are appalled — appalled, I tell you — when evolution is questioned or doubted in the slightest. The old saying, "Follow where the evidence leads", is a reification fallacy ("evidence" is not a being and cannot lead anywhere), but many who claim to believe the saying refuse to apply it.

There are many instances of biblical creationists being blackballed by the secular science industry, but the problem extends further. For example, a paper in PlosOne was retracted for references to "the Creator", but the authors were not even discussing God! The Intelligent Design community is most definitely not "creation science in disguise", but because they present scientific evidence against evolution. Therefore, secularists campaign against them as well as against creationists.

The origins question is not about science. Instead, it is a worldview problem because any hint of a Designer is streng verboten, Sebastian. Their naturalistic presuppositions are threatened by any reminders that God exists (Rom. 1:18-23). The Genesis Flood was a judgment against wickedness, so evidence for that is suppressed, and the promise of the coming judgment (2 Peter 3:5-7, Luke 11:32, Rev. 20:11-13) should be terrifying to them.

Biblical creationists must refuse to let evolutionists put us on the defensive. I am once again asking Christians and creationists to ask pertinent questions, e.g., "If evolution were settled science, why do we see so many blunders and even fraud?", and, "Why not examine scientific evidence from creationists and ID proponents instead of ostracizing them?"

One aspect of the propaganda is to emphasize the importance of science. Yes, we know that it's important. Creation science ministries have scientists on staff who love it, and many others who believe in biblical creation are also mighty fond of science. People in general appreciate science and technology.

An insidious twist is when these sidewinders conflate evolution with science. (They also pull that trick by conflating change, speciation, and variation with evolution and then proclaiming that Darwin was right. We've discussed such dishonesty before.) Like any competent totalitarian regime knows, children must be brainwashed at an early age. Since evidence shows that children are born with a belief in God, secularists have been accelerating their indoctrination efforts. In fact, propaganda is now being used on much younger children than before.

It is common for atheists and other evolutionists to misrepresent God and creation, preferring prejudicial conjecture and bigotry over truth and reason. One example is when David Attenborough complained about an eye-worm, but displayed his ignorance of the facts (perhaps intentionally omitting them). In other cases, misotheists demand evidence for the Flood, creation, God, and more. When it's presented, they make a prairie schooner-full of excuses to avoid looking at it — then say that we never provide any! We're wrong because atheism.

Now we come to the article that got this child all het up in the first place. Although it's from 2006, the observations by the authors still stand. A hit piece on the ID movement was produced (including some backhanded slaps against God), and things have only grown worse — as shown in more recent links above.

The BBC has a long history of anti-Christian bigotry. . . . Its latest attack is their Horizon program titled ‘A War on Science’. . . . The subject is the rise of the Intelligent Design [ID] movement in America; the program title suggests not only that the concept of ID is wrong, but that it is harmful and opposed to true science. So for readers new to this movement, we suggest first studying:

To read the full article and see the importance of what we're discussing, head on over to "Intelligent Design—‘A War on Science’ says the BBC".