Pesticide Resistance Falsely Called Evolution

Several icons of particles-to-pilot evolution are proudly proclaimed by Darwin's disciples, who cry, "Aha! Gotcha!" at creationists. However, subjects like antibiotic resistancewhale evolution, and others cannot withstand true science and logic. We can add pesticide resistance to the list of fake evolution claims.

Darwinists proudly proclaim that pesticide resistance is an example of evolution. Also, it is shenanigans because actual evolution is not happening.
Credit: Flickr / jetsandzeppelins (CC BY 2.0)

Indeed, the similarities between antibiotic and pesticide resistances are quite evident, but evolutionists will pull bait-n-switch shenanigans on us, conflating variations and change with vertical evolution. Resistance already existed in organisms, and when Designer-programmed epigenetics kicks in, organisms use existing genetic information. When PBC used pesticide resistance in their Darwin-worshiping propaganda, they accidentally admitted that no new genetic information is added — which means no vertical evolution. For that matter, pest control advisers are inadvertently working from a creationist perspective!

A favourite icon of evolutionists, i.e. oft-cited by them as evidence of evolution, is the phenomenon of pesticide resistance.

On the evolution-proclaiming PBS website for example, the diminished efficacy of rodent poisons and insecticides is because “we have simply caused pest populations to evolve”. And no doubt wanting to prove that evolutionary theory has practical relevance, the PBS Evolution Library paints a grim picture of how this “evolution” is making life harder for us:

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