The True Source of Life

Believers in scum-to-sculptor evolution reject out of hand the fact of the physical Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, preferring instead a worldview based on materialism and naturalism. Their worldview equates all religions, claiming that as living organisms evolved, so did religions.

Evolutionists believe that we arose from the slime and that religions evolved. The truth is, the Creator of the universe physically arose from the dead.
Credit: RGBStock / Bartek Ambrozik
In one way, they are right: the founders of other religions and causes are still in their tombs. Biblical Christianity stands on the truth that the Creator of the universe, God the Son, took the human form of Jesus and walked among us. He voluntarily died for our sins. We must repent and place our faith in God alone for our salvation. All other religions are man-centered and based on salvation by works, which cannot be achieved. Christianity stands alone. Despite the claims of materialists, God is real. "Up from the slime we arose!" is not a hymn. They do not have an Easter to celebrate any kind of Resurrection.
In today's secular religion of naturalistic evolution, no resurrection from the dead is possible. Only once, they say, did lifeless chemicals spring to life, eventually descending into us all. But even they recognize that the spontaneous generation of life is "impossible," and has been disproved, yet they still believe it. It takes a Creator to have life.

In Christianity the Creator is identified as Jesus Christ. The very same One who died on the cross created life in the first place. Thus, only He had the power and authority to again take up His life.
You can read the full article by clicking on "The Resurrection and the Origin of Life" (at the end it refers to "upcoming events" because it was written in 2005). Another to consider is, "God of Creation, God of the Resurrection".