The Cenozoic: Caustic for Evolution

According to proponents of molecules-to-miner evolution, the fossil record reveals an orderly progression of life forms changing from simple to more complex over long periods of time. That is the sanitized version presented in schools and proclaimed out yonder at the Darwin Ranch.

In reality, there are fossils in the wrong order and many observed facts give lie to evolutionary stories. The Cenozoic is not friendly to evolution despite the claims of Darwin's disciples. Many mammals appear in the Cenozoic, giving superficial credence to evolution.

The Cenozoic, with thick coal seams and so-called recent fossils, is unfriendly to Darwin's abominable mystery and evolution, but supports creation.
Coal mining at Powder River Basin in Wyoming
Flickr / BLM Wyoming (CC BY 2.0), usage does not imply endorsement of site contents
Darwin's abominable mystery (not to be confused with his abdominal mystery, which involved a bad burrito and global warming) was the sudden appearance of flowering plants (angiosperms). That owlhoot knew all along that the fossil record was unfriendly to his speculations, but he sold it anyway. That's wishful thinking and weak faith, old son. It's not science.

There are huge coal seams in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and other places around the world, even into the oceans. Some of them are mighty thick, and they are made mostly from those angiosperms that bothered him.

Critters in the Cenozoic are very much like their living counterparts. While village atheopaths ridicule creationists for showing evidence for animal dispersal by rafts, it is also an idea used by secular scientists. They take it to absurdity, saying that since monkey fossils are found on separate continents, they propose that the monkeys rafted back and forth, sailing, sailing, over the bounding main.

Animals, plants, massive coal seams. Purveyors of evoporn tell stories that are weak on facts but full of loyalty to the Darwin brand. The truth is hard for naturalists to take: recent creation, and the Genesis Flood better explain what is found than their tall tales.

The Cenozoic is the major upper system of the geologic column. It represents the last global Flood layers that were produced from violent Flood runoff as the newly separated continents and their mountain ranges were being uplifted in the final stage of the global Flood. Many unique types of mammals, birds, insects, and plants make their first appearances in the Cenozoic with no evo- lutionary precursors in lower rock layers. While this unique mix of catastrophically buried fossils is difficult to explain in an evolutionary scenario, the global Flood model of progressive burial by ecological zonation closely fits the data.
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