Failed Evolution of Language Study

From a universal common descent standpoint, freshly-evolved humans were stupid and attempts to communicate were through grunts and gestures. Since evolution is an irresistible force of nature (except when "stasis" is invoked), languages must have evolved as well. Attempts to find a linguistic "tree of life" consistently fail.

Tena, tatou ka heke atu, ka whakapoauau i o ratou reo i reira, kia kore ai ratou e matau, ia tangata, ia tangata ki te reo o tona hoa.

Tower of Babel, source of lanuages.
De "Weinig" Toren van Babel by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1563
Language itself speaks (heh!) of recent creation and the biblical timeline, but materialists are locked into their evolutionary paradigm and refuse to consider this fact. 


A recent study on language evolution was not able to support evolutionary presuppositions, but they threw in a lot of speculative terminology.

Allons, descendons et brouillons là leur langage pour qu’ils ne se comprennent plus entre eux!
Researchers reconstruct major branches in the tree of language (Santa Fe Institute). Thinking like Darwinists, linguists have been trying to find a common trunk for the language “tree of life” but have not found it.
One of the defining goals of historical linguistics is to map the ancestry of modern languages as far back as it will go — perhaps, some linguists hope, to a single common ancestor that would constitute the trunk of the metaphorical tree. But while many thrilling connections have been suggested based on systemic comparisons of data from most of the world’s languages, much of the work, which goes back as early as the 1800s, has been prone to error. Linguists are still debating over the internal structure of such well-established families as Indo-European, and over the very existence of chronologically deeper and larger families.
These linguists tried to connect the Indo-European language family (which includes European and Indian languages) and the Altaic superfamily “which is thought to connect the linguistic ancestors of such distant languages as Turkish, Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese.” No luck so far.

To read the rest, see "Evolution of Language Studies Hit a Wall". Сойдем же и смешаем им язык, чтобы они перестали понимать друг друга. Unfortunately, secularists reject Genesis 11:7. δεύτε και καταβάντες συγχέωμεν γλώσσαν αυτών ίνα μη ακούσωσιν έκαστος της φωνής του πλησίον.