Moses Wrote the Pentateuch

Something I learned from Ken Ham several decades ago (and stated by many others) is the insidious nature of attacks on the Bible. Those with Atheism Spectrum Disorder simply lash out with ridicule, demonstrating their bigotry and lack of reasoning skills. We easily dismiss them.

Christians and creationists have had to deal with more subtle and effective assaults. Specifically, they seek to undermine our foundations. All major Christian doctrines begin in Genesis, and not only has Genesis been getting bushwhacked, but the authorship of the Bible as well.

Ketef Hinnom Silver Scrolls. Unbelievers seek to undermine the foundations of the faith, beginning in Genesis. Attacks on the Mosaic authorship of the Torah are demonstrably false.
Ketef Hinnom Silver Scrolls, Flickr / Biblical Papyrus Photos
Moses is the author of the Torah (Pentateuch), the first five books of the Bible. (Some of us believe that, because of the structure of certain sections in Genesis, Adam and other wrote certain sections, but Moses was the editor and compiler.) When liberal theologians and unbelievers say that Moses had nothing to do with the books for which he is credited, they are calling Jesus a liar. Indeed, they are calling other Bible writers liars as well, and undermining important aspects of the Bible. Reasoning from Scripture as well as history puts that lie to rest.
Over the last two hundred years, critical scholars have claimed that the Pentateuch, or Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy), was not completed until the postexilic period (c. 587–538 BC). For example, as part of his argument in denying the historicity of Adam, Old Testament scholar and theistic evolutionist Peter Enns stated, “The Pentateuch was not authored out of whole cloth by a second-millennium Moses but is the end product of a complex literary process-written, oral, or both—that did not come to a close until the postexilic period.” This claim has had a massive impact on trust in the authority and accuracy of the Bible. Although this view is popular with many critical Old Testament scholars and among sceptics of the Bible, there are several lines of evidence that rule this out.

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