Configuring the Pangaea Supercontinent

According to secular geologists, there were several supercontinents in the distant past. Using the uniformitarian slow and gradual paradigm, they changed shape and were give other names as they progressed. Geologists also project the shape of the earth in millions of years.

Young-age creationists have presented models for the structure of the world before the catastrophic global Flood. The have disagreements and try to work out the best possible answers, these things happen. They agree that the Genesis Flood happened as described in the Word of God.

Secular geologists believe that there were several supercontinents in the past. Creationists are making models of how it appeared before the Flood.
Pangaea, Wikimedia Commons / Fama Clamosa (CC BY-SA 4.0)
This model takes several factors into account, including the migration of the magnetic field, fossils (including rainforest fossils at the South Pole), and huge salt layers.
Secular geologists have inferred several pre-Pangaea supercontinents, including Greater Gondwana or Pannotia (involving mostly the southern continents) and before that Rodinia. Greater Gondwana (Pannotia) is the so-called transitional continental configuration between Pangaea and Rodinia. Pangaea is claimed by secular scientists to have formed about 350 Ma years ago, Greater Gondwana about 500 Ma ago, and Rodinia about 900 Ma ago.

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