The Failure of Cures from Stem Cells

A few years ago, there was a great deal of excitement over the promise of stem cell research. It was touted as a way to treat and cure numerous ailments, and has even been promised by leftist political candidates as promoting science. Of course, "science" cannot advance without murdering babies, according to those sidewinders. Adult stem cells gave hope that research could be conducted morally because it would not involve child sacrifice. Now we hear far less about stem cells nowadays.

A few years ago, there was great excitement over possible cures from stem cells. Research has not been very promising, partly from Darwinian thinking.
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People were ready to slap leather over the promise of stem cell therapies, and Christians are enemies of science that interfered (also see "UK Prime Minister addresses Climate Change, but undermines Christian doctrines"). Their information came from what "scientists say" through the secular science industry (especially the press), but they were just talking through their hats.

After all the hubbub, there has not been much success in this area. Secularists have a history of pontificating about things they do not understand, as seen in "junk" DNA, vestigial organs, and so on. Those failures as well as the stem cell embarrassment can be traced back to fundamentally flawed evolutionary thinking. Respect for the workings of the Master Engineer would do wonders for science.
Stem cells were long felt to be a panacea for treating many major diseases. As often happens, the once promising therapeutic approach has been very disappointing. As asked by New Scientist Magazine, “What happened to the promise of regenerative medicine 20 years ago?” In the year 2000, stem cells
took hold of our collective imagination. We began to dream of their marvelous healing powers. The era of “regenerative medicine” seemed to be dawning. Soon, we would be using stem cells to repair and replace damaged hearts, joints, spinal cords, kidneys, livers, windpipes, eyes and more. You name it, stem cells would fix it.
After over 20 years, despite the enormous
promise of stem cell research and the hard work of scientists worldwide, the dream of regenerative medicine remains just that – a dream. If this sounds surprising, perhaps it is because you have heard about stem cell clinics offering treatments directly to consumers for all kinds of conditions: AIDS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and even covid-19. However, these are unproven therapies. Rigorous clinical trials haven’t generally established their effectiveness, and there are still safety concerns.
In spite of this situation, “business is booming for those selling unproven stem cell treatments.” The global sales of what New Scientist calls stem-cell pseudoscience is estimated at $2.4 billion annually.

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