Big Hurdles for Evolution

The other day, Stormie Waters and I were making chin music with Rusty Swingset, the supervisor out at the Darwin Ranch. We must have caught him in a contemplative mood because he was admitting that evolution has a wagon train-load of challenges.

Then Rusty's lady friend Jacqueline Hyde joined us. She and Stormie kept Rusty and I from having another discussion about those "challenges". Jackie said that all the other detailed sciency things aside, she saw some basic hurdles that evolution would have to clear — if it were a sprinter.

Aside from all the other serious scientific problems confronting evolution, there are still some serious hurdles that it cannot clear.
Unsplash / Interactive Sports
Even though Rusty was in a thoughtful mood, Jackie's remarks made him a mite uncomfortable. The Big Bang was supposed to be the start of everything, cosmic evolution, things popping into existence and all that. It violates fundamental laws of science, and she was sorry to say that when scientists say laws were different back then, that's nonsense: "You can put 'em in the oven, but that don't make 'em biscuits!"

Then she said something that Rusty mentioned before she got there. That is, if everything came from nothing, how did it arrange to become living cells afterward? For that matter, the spiritual nature of mankind is way different than that of animals, which is another big hurdle.

At this point, I interjected that they were actually making a case for creation. Only the God of the Bible, who is immaterial as well as beyond the confines of time and space, can be the Creator.
Sure, finch beaks shift their shapes, but does that mean nature invented beaks and birds from stardust? Evolution’s proponents often speak as though we witnessed the supposed steps from dust to planets, and from single cells to humans. This story replaces a Creator. Since this grand evolutionary narrative gets so much attention in our culture, let’s look at three hurdles that only a real Creator could overcome. They put the Lord Jesus back in place as the Author of life and the universe.

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