Tiny Fake Dinosaur in Amber Embarrasses Evolutionists

They sure did pick the right location for the Darwin Ranch, what with being near Deception Pass and all. (Not the one in Washington, this is where you take Folly Road past Stinking Lake, which is not as bad as it sounds.) These folks even deceive themselves.

We have seen how silly stuff passes the gasconaded peer review process and that retracted papers are still referenced, resulting in zombie science. A claim of the world's tiniest dinosaur has been refuted despite resistance, but the fake news is still there.

Evolutionists even deceive themselves. A peer-reviewed journal published fake science regarding what was called a tiny dinosaur in amber, then resisted correction.
Original image: Freeimages / Paige Foster, modified at PhotoFunia
Shoddy research based on fundamentally flawed presuppositions such as dinosaur-to-bird evolution is frequently conducted. Consider the feathered dinosaur tail in amber, or the risible Archaeoraptor fraud. Some owlhoots said that the world's tiniest dinosaur was caught in amber, but it was published anyway despite other scientists objecting to the claim.

Eventually it was retracted, but still available (Nature can make money from fake science. Here is the link, with notes that it was retracted.) The damage is done because the sensationalistic news is still out there — without corrections in some instances. People want to believe in evolution and to deny the Creator, but they will have to stand before God and give an accounting for themselves. Not just for this, but in all things.
Many of the world’s top paleontologists were again recently fooled by their own preconceived ideas. This time it was a tiny skull trapped in amber that was declared a hummingbird-size dinosaur and named Oculudentavis. The initial report was published as the cover story in Nature in March 2020. However, nearly as soon as it was published, a second paper was submitted to Nature showing that the fossil was a lizard and not a dinosaur. Nature’s editors promptly rejected the rebuttal. The authors of the refuting article had to publish their paper in a Chinese journal instead.

To finish reading this short but informative article, see "World's 'Tiniest Dinosaur' Is Just a Lizard". In the short video below, the propaganda remains in place. Some commenters said that it's a lizard, but the author of that video argued that since it's classified as a dinosaur, it's a dinosaur. Uh, yeah. I'll try to get the link archived in case it gets taken down.