SETI, Evolution, and Victorian Mythology

Out at the Darwin Ranch, some owlhoots in the SETI and Space Alien Propaganda bunkhouse have been dreaming up stuff that is...truly bizarre. It has been obvious that SETI has existed for many years, funded by tax money and then contributions. Still, nothing to show for it.

This child believes that SETI and all of those other efforts to find extraterrestrials (including the pseudoscience of astrobiology) are based on atheistic naturalism. The heart of that is atoms-to-astronaut evolution, which must be propped up at all costs.

Darwin fit into the Victorian myth of progress, SETI and the search for extraterrestrials came from that. No results, but speculations are quite bizarre.
Pixabay / J. Lynne Hardesty
How about another heapin' helpin' of nothing? There have been plenty of false alarms in searches for extraterrestrials (my favorite is the excitement caused by a microwave oven in the break room), and all they provide are excuses. This stuff can be traced to the fanciful attitudes of progress back in Victorian times.

Back then, things were looking mighty peachy. Moving forward, making discoveries, industrializing, and yee haw boy howdy, Papa Darwin joined in to show how living things progressed from slime. (Of course, modern atheists did him one better by claiming that everything came from nothing, see "Angry Atheists Exterminate Reason".) Some think aliens evolved so much, they're no longer biological entities. Based on cosmic evolutionary scenarios, oldest stars would have had planets where the most ancient beings evolved (like the Time Lords of Gallifrey). Personally, I think space aliens will look like chickens.

Yes, transcend biology to become living machines. Has someone been doing a Star Trek movie binge? That's already been done with V'ger in 1979, and others. Mayhaps their consciousness is merging into the Omega Point? It's even been suggested beyond the idea that we're living in a simulation that super-evolved machine aliens are making simulations of universes. All that stuff is hooey, and refutes itself. There is a God, he is the Creator, and fantasies postulated as scientific speculations cannot change the truth.

Today’s SETI enthusiasts are heirs and keepers of this grand Myth of Progress (MOP), even after the 20th century witnessed major disappointments like mass death and societal evil on unprecedented scales. Leaping over those little anomalies, evolutionists speculate that if life progressed on earth, it must be progressing on every habitable world. SETI takes the MOP beyond experience to envision super-creatures or machines who would seem like gods to us.

To read the full article and witness galactically weird materialism, see "SETI Is Built on the Myth of Evolutionary Progress". The video below from Answers News is supposed to start at 4 min. 56 sec. and has a short discussion related to this material: