Out-of-Africa Story Upset by Arabian Artifacts

The tale told around the campfires at the Darwin Ranch about human migration from Africa is a fable, but still believed by some folks. It has been faltering for quite some time, and genetics supports the biblical creation timeline. There is further bad news for the Out-of-Africa (OoA) tale from Arabia.

The Middle East was not like it is now. (For that matter, the Sahara had some nice swimming holes long ago.) Our ancestors — the real ones, not alleged apelike things — did the human nature thing and traveled there.

The evolutionary Out-of-Africa story is worthless, but a few still believe it. Discoveries in the Middle East further refute OoA and support creation.
Middle East satellite image / Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA / GSFC
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Of course, we know from the Bible that Israel was a desirable place, so it's no surprise that people went to other places in the region. They left behind indications of living there, whether just passing through or setting up homesteads. Darwin's disciples are trying to save face and dizzying themselves by trying to spin evidence in their favor instead of admitting it points to recent creation.
The constantly-revised story of evolution has been falsified so many times, one would think Darwinists would quit and take up truck driving. Michael Marshall should, too, after publishing his latest piece in New Scientist, “The other cradle of humanity: How Arabia shaped human evolution.” In a real sense, he is an accomplice to the paleoanthropologists’ sins by perennially giving them cover.

For review: here is the old story. Marshall retells it before dismantling it:
To read it and see what makes them weep, click on "Arabian Artifacts Undermine Human Evolution Narrative" (alternate link here).