Pterosaurs Continue to Baffle Evolutionists

When looking at illustrations and dioramas of dinosaur scenes, wing lizards are usually included. Pterosaurs. When the dinosaurs went nuts in Jurassic World, these things carried off people. They are not classified as dinosaurs (because evolution), pterosaurs just happen to be flying reptiles that lived then.

When new pterosaurs are discovered, the hands at the Darwin Ranch get all a-twitter, like they did about this one. It is almost fun watching them bluff about pterosaurs as they try to act excited about them.

Pterosaurs defy evolution, but secularists keep on bluffing. They cannot explain the origin of pterosaurs or powered flight, but arrogantly deny God.
Pteranodon by Heinrich Harder, 1916
Secularists try to hoodwink us about the evolution of powered flight, but they have no clue. (In fact, the failed transitional form Archaeopteryx flew the friendly skies with pterosaurs.) Darwin's votaries have cannot explain the evolution of flight or pterosaurs themselves, nor can they account for the extreme variations in their sizes — but they're certain that they were not the work of the Creator. Pretty arrogant.
Evolutionists say that pterosaurs were the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight. Creationists say that all flying animals were created on Day 5 of creation week. Who’s right? Evolutionists writing in Big Science journals hardly acknowledge the existence of rivals to Darwinism. but we can gain some insight into how the contest is going by watching how Darwinians struggle against the evidence.

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