Alberta Dinosaur, Others Evidence of Genesis Flood

Scientists decided to cut sign for dinosaurs up yonder at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, and found what may be the best-preserved dinosaur yet. They say it was a juvenile hadrosaur, but not which kind of hadrosaur. Mayhaps because most of it is still encased?

The researchers had a fanciful story with deep time and how lucky they were to be around when this dinosaur, buried for supposedly seventy-six million years, was becoming visible. Blinded eyes cannot see the light that the tissues could not have lasted that long.

Magnapaulia laticaudus (hadrosaur), WikiComm / Dmitry Bogdanov (CC BY 3.0)
There are other speculations made that raise questions as well. In fact, some additional recent dinosaur news could prompt questions like, "Why is there a boneyard of assorted dinosaurs if Lethosaurs were supposed to be in a group for safety?" Once again, the evidence points to the global Genesis Flood, which would have provided the necessary rapid burial for such exceptional preservation. (Even skin was preserved. We may learn what color they were.) If secularists would drop the naturalistic presuppositions, their minds wouldn't be so imprisoned by futile thinking.
Researchers from Australia, Canada and the UK are both shocked and delighted at seeing fossilized skin from a dinosaur. Mummified skin of what they believe is part of a foot and the tail of a juvenile hadrosaur was poking out of a hillside in front of them. A photo in the article shows paleontologists Brian Pickle [sic] and Caleb Brown standing beside the fossil sticking out of an eroding hillside.
“It’s hard to imagine. This animal died 76 million years ago. It’s been perfectly preserved since then and it just happened to be just starting to erode out of this cliff when we were walking by,” Pickles said.
That is indeed hard to imagine. But according to the evolutionary timeline, dinosaurs went extinct 65 million Darwin Years ago, and for reasons known only to experts, this one must have died 10 million Darwin Years before that.

To read about this and some other dinosaur news, click on "Dinosaur Skin Dazzles Scientists." The video below has a short discussion on this, beginning at 1 minute 34 seconds: