Evolutionists Mystified by Cartilage

Decades ago, I slipped on the ice and landed on my kneecap. That was where I learned about a fractured patella and why immediate surgery was required to reassemble the four pieces. I still have some of the hardware embedded, and have flashbacks when walking on ice.

That stuff is cartilage. We do not hear about it much, other than maybe knowing that noses and ears have it. Cartilage is extremely important not only to us, but other creatures as well. Darwinists assume that bone evolved from cartilage, but have no evidence for either. Assumptions and assertions are not evidence, old son.

Woman with earring, Pexels / Agung Pandit Wiguna
Evolutionists admit to being mystified, just like they're mystified by many other things that the Master Engineer put in place in his wisdom. Cartilage is not simple (there are three different types), and has been the subject of study for years, including new studies that further reveal its complexities. Once again, the evidence points to the Creator.
This review of attempts to postulate evolutionary theories for the origin and development of cartilage and the cells that produce cartilage. The review found a complete lack of evidence for both the origin and development of cartilage. Even plausible “just-so” stories have not been attempted by evolutionists. For mammals, especially primates, life would not be possible without cartilage. This is yet another example of a body structure whose evolutionary origin completely baffles Darwinists.

To read the entire paper, see "Cartilage Evolution Baffles Evolutionists."