DNA Code Exceptions Cause Serious Problems for Evolutionists

Consistency is something that many people appreciate, often using things they expect to remain unchanged as they go about their lives. All living things have genetic material contained in DNA and RNA. Surprisingly, there are only four letters in it. How they are arranged makes all the difference.

One would expect DNA to be the same in all places in all living things, with the code optimized and virtually the same in all living things. This testifies of the Master Engineer using common design patterns.

Evolutionists think that DNA evolved, but they have very serious problems attempting to explain exceptions in the universality of DNA coding.
DNA with hand, Freepik / iuriimotov
Exceptions to the universality of DNA coding are a major problem for believers in goo-to-geneticist evolution. They have to explain why a DNA message that normally calls for a certain amino acid most of the time, but in certain exceptions, the command is stop. Also, the placement of the code, which would be lethal in the larger scheme of things, further complicates things for evolutionists. Biblical creationists? No problem.
Chances are you’ve heard of the genetic code. This is the code in our DNA that represents the instructions on how to make different proteins (the building blocks of life). A protein is made of a long ‘chain’ of amino acids (of up to 20 types) in a specific sequence, determined by the genetic code in our DNA. Like a fancy piece of origami, this amino acid chain is folded into a specific three-dimensional shape, based partly on the amino acid sequence, but with the help of special ‘chaperone proteins’. So the protein does not typically fold to its most natural ‘relaxed’ equilibrium shape, but to the shape determine by the Creator to fulfil its specific role. 

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However, the genetic code is not entirely universal: There are at least 33 different genetic codes that have been discovered throughout living things!1 These other codes are very similar to the standard genetic code, but some of the codons have different meanings (DNA is a remarkable language). This is a huge problem for evolutionists, but not for creationists.

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