Genetics and the Coffin of Darwinism

It has been said that the works of Charles Darwin on evolution through natural selection managed to kill God. That is the opposite of the truth. There is an abundance of evidence linked here and other places refuting evolution and deep time, but also affirming recent creation and the young earth.

People believe because they want to, not because they are compelled by the evidence. In fact, some Darwin doubters are becoming more vocal, and there would probably be more speaking out if they were not in fear of losing prestige or even their jobs. Meanwhile, fundamentalist evolutionists insist that genetics supports evolution. Not hardly!

Despite the claims of fundamentalist evolutionists, genetics is hostile to evolution. News about the wobble base in the codon is bad for evolution.
DNA, RNA, Amino acids codon table, public domain, mostly modified at LunaPic
Because evolutionists interpret data with presuppositions rooted in atheistic naturalism, they have their biases confirmed — even when the evidence shows otherwise. These are the folks that gave us so-called vestigial structures, "junk" DNA, and other hindrances to medical and research sciences.

The last letter of a codon is called a wobble base because it can wobble back and forth due to mutations. This was taken as support for their narrative. Further information shows that the "silent" mutations involved are actually quite harmful. Neo-Darwinism desperately needs a passel of good mutations (never mind the lack of evidence), and the hands at the Darwin Ranch up yonder near Deception Pass are getting upset at the implications: Science killed evolution. Creation is still the most logical explanation. God is the Creator, and he makes the rules. You savvy that, pilgrim?

As the complexity of life is being uncovered, the simplistic arguments from yesteryear are struggling to keep up. One of those tired old ideas is the thought that the genome is chock full of useless ‘junk’ DNA. We have written about the slow demise of junk DNA theory many times before, and how adherence to the concept has slowed scientific progress, but new revelations are continuing to pile up. In this case, it is the ‘wobble base’ that is taking a big hit. Let me explain.

To learn the explanation, see "Mutations are more harmful than we thought." Although it is from 2008, "Mutations: evolution’s engine becomes evolution’s end!" examines how mutations never did help evolution. The video below, however, is much more recent: