Secularists Making Disease Worse through Disinformation

Although the material here deals with medical science, ethics, and morality, it is disturbing in many ways. Some people may wish to stop reading.

Imagine if you will a group of people that has a disease which is unsightly, painful, and itchy. They are the primary carriers. Other people outside this group can get the disease by engaging in certain behaviors with those who are infected, so the disease may spread to the general population. The secular science industry, leftists, the media (but I repeat myself) do not want to offend the infected group by telling them the facts. That group may get hurt feelings and feel ostracized.

But telling them the truth can save lives.

When people are causing harm to others, they should be told the facts. Secularists do not want to offend certain people who spread monkeypox, so they obscure the truth.
Electron micrograph of monkeypox particles, Flickr / NIAID (CC BY 2.0), modified at PhotoFunia
This is what is happening with the monkeypox. (Some have suggested changing the name so people will feel better.) The word pandemic has been uttered. Now, it may be a coincidence, but this child believes there was a resurgence of mask wearing when it was making news. Leftists love to weaponize fear, but are reluctant to discuss the facts with the homosexuals who are the primary carriers of monkeypox.

Indeed, we have seen numerous times where the secular science industry supports leftist causes. When AIDS was gaining notoriety, the same reluctance to stigmatize homosexuals existed, and the epidemic was not given the proper precautions. Note that it is okay to stigmatize President Trump supporters (making them enemies of the State), Rona Vax skeptics, mask resisters, Christians, creationists, and so on. Blatant double standards.

Something extremely important comes to the fore regarding monkeypox, AIDS, and reluctance to offend people. Homosexual behavior is by far the primary way monkeypox is spread. A child and a dog were diagnosed with it, and you know what sort of unnatural sexual activity was probably conducted. More than that, homosexual behavior is rebellion against God and his created order for marriage and the family.
Big Science and Big Media are acting odd. They seem overly cautious about not offending a group that routinely commits sexual perversions, when warning them might prevent them getting sick, and telling the truth to the public might stop a serious epidemic. Oh, but the stigma!

Monkeypox has been in the news a lot this summer. As the following articles will show, it is spread primarily by homosexual men. “Most people infected with monkeypox recover without treatment,” one of the articles says, “but it can cause more severe symptoms like brain inflammation and in rare cases, death.”

To read the rest, brace yourself and click on "Big Science More Concerned About Stigma than Health."