Fascinating Moth Stealth Flying and Navigation

It is puzzling that some people are annoyed by moths, but that may be from the common little nuisance "bugs" that flit around lightbulbs at night. They may get on someone's. There are also people who do not like insects in the first place, so the Atlas moth could be a mite startling.

Moths are puzzling to Darwinists, since butterflies and moths do not have any evolutionary history. They were created what they are, and remained so to this day. Here are two instances of additional problems moths pose for evolution.

An example of how the Creator baffles evolutionists: The Chinese silk moth has stealth flight to hide from bats.
Chinese silk moth, Wikimedia Commons / Ivo Antušek (Public domain, thanks, Ivo)
Although the phrase "blind as a bat" is as dead as a doornail regarding accuracy, bats rely a great deal on sending out sonar waves for navigation and hunting. They do like to chow down on moths, you betcha! Bats have a wide range of sonar sounds that get reflected back to them. Except for the Chinese silk moth. The Master Engineer designed the scales on its wings so that sound is not so easily reflected back. Scientists are studying this for biomimetics.
We appreciate the beautiful butterfly, but not so much the pesky moth. However, the wing structure of both creatures is amazing, “The wings of moths and butterflies are densely covered in scales that exhibit intricate shapes and sculptured nanostructures.”

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But as effective as the bat sonar is, it has been found that some species of nocturnal moths (e.g. the Chinese silk moth, Antheraea pernyi) are able to evade its highly sophisticated tracking system due to tiny scales on their wings.

You can read it all at "The Passive Stealth Wing of the Moth." Don't forget, there's one more to see!

We know that birds migrate and our Creator also gave them navigation skills. How about butterflies? Yep, it's no secret that monarch butterflies migrate as well. So what about moths, are any of them the traveling type?

Another example of how the Creator baffles evolutionists is how the death's-head hawkmoth is able to navigate for migration.
Death’s-head hawkmoth, WikiComm / Anaxibia (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Take your death’s-head hawkmoth, which was obviously named because a "death's head" can be seen on some specimens like it was wearing a jacket in a motorcycle gang. Researchers were able to do a small study because these critters are large enough to have trackers attached (which would taste quite bad to a hungry bat). The moths flew at a good clip, but the research couldn't go far enough to know their destination. Navigation was given by the Creator, even into lowly moths.
Most of us are familiar with the incredible ability of different animal groups to migrate (such as birds). But what about invertebrates?

Recently, scientists discovered that a moth called the death’s-head hawkmoth (as well as the dragonfly) flies for miles, keeping on a path that’s narrow and straight.

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Their amazing ability doesn’t stop there. As with long-distance bird migration, the moth must have just the right balance of food reserves to draw from, but not so much that excess fat reserves would be a hindrance.

All of this article can be read over at "Amazing Moth Compass."

Here's a bit of a test. There is an atheopathic gadfly who says things like, "And today in 'Things creationists think disprove evolution, but really don't'... We have..." and one of numerous straw man arguments like, "[We don't understand this thing.] Therefore.... GAWD! Hard to argue with brilliant logic like that." He refuses to read the material, but "knows" there is no God and that creationists are all liars. If he does the same thing with this post, I will post an addendum. The write-up includes the search description that can be found in "view page source": More examples of how the Creator baffles evolutionists are how one kind of moth has stealth flight, and another is able to navigate for migration.

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