An Extra Artery in the Forearm does not mean Evolution

Frankly, (mind if I call you Frank?) it gets tiresome when on one hand, angry atheists laugh about how Christians see evidence for creation in many places, yet purveyors of mesons-to-medical doctor evolution claim to have evidence for their views every which way. If evolution were true, its proponents would give us the good stuff instead of spurious evidence, especially loss of function. Not hardly!

In this example, it is claimed that an extra artery in some people's forearms, the persistent median artery, is an example of evolution. A little bit of medical knowledge about the development of an unborn child helps clear this up.

An Extra Artery in the Forearm does not mean Evolution
Forearm, Pexels / Israelzin Oliveira
I lack belief that the number of people who have this condition has been increasing, since only a small sample study from 1846 is utilized. That alleged increase is probably why Darwinists are claiming that this is evolution. Just like with losses of traits in organisms, no genetic information is added, and nothing changes into something else. In addition, it not only provides no advantages, it causes problems. No evolution here, Hoss.
When humans develop in the womb, a single artery (the median artery) runs down their forearm. This supplies blood to the hand and forearm. At around the 8th week of pregnancy, this artery starts to disappear, via the orderly and planned cell ‘death’ called apoptosis. It is replaced by the radial and ulnar arteries. This is an important part of the normal developmental process.

The median artery sometimes fails to regress. In that case, the person ends up with all three arteries for life.

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