Animals Minus Traits Equals Evolution?

During the autumnal equinox, the hands at the Darwin Ranch danced around a bonfire made of LEDs (because of the drought warnings), then splashed in Stinking Lake while singing hymns of praise to Darwin. One wonders if they had been ingesting peyote buttons again based on some of the goofy science they have been producing.

Even those who are not inclined to use hallucinogenic mushrooms have still managed to enthrall undeveloped minds with fanciful tales. For example, the loss of traits means onward and upward (vertical) evolution.

Evolutionists try to pull the wool over our eyes by using their exalted status. They claim that loss of traits is not a fairy tale, but evolution.
Darwin approves of evolution fairy tales, modified from Favourite French fairy tales / Barbara Douglas, 1921
This defies common sense, and you don't have to be a scientist to see that loss of traits should be the opposite of evolution. I reckon that the high priests of Darwinism are exalted masters and we should believe them because of who they are. Not this child! Not you thinking people, either; we aren't going to let them pull the wool over our eyes.

We have seen several times that evolutionists are deceptive by conflating change with evolution in the baryons-to-biologist sense, so loss of traits is change: Darwin was right and there is no Creator. (No, they don't explicitly say that, but it sure is strongly implied in many cases as their "logical" conclusion.) For example, see "Stupid Evolutionist Tricks: Elephants, Rail Birds, and Tusks." Some people know the basic fact that vertical evolution requires additional genetic material; five minus one does not equal six, except in certain American schools.

In today's featured article, the evolution of speech may be (read: no evidential support) from loss of traits. However, even if that were true and apes lost the hardware somewhere along the trail, they still lack the (mental) software for speech. Another is that language — part of extremely useful but complex communication gift from our Creator — evolved from screaming. Makes me wanna. Others use loss of traits in lizards, wooly mammoths, and salamanders. This stuff is a huge waste of our tax money, an insult to our intelligence, and is a series of risible efforts to deny the Creator.

Some Darwinists are having new flashes of insight into how evolution works. It gets rid of stuff. In that insightful revelation, they see all kinds of amazing abilities emerging!

To see why nonsense is passed off as empirical science and not Just-So Stories or fairy tales, head on over to "Evolution by Devolution."