Darwinian Magic and Sauropods

 This post needs a different approach than usual, since the article featured below makes two points that are interlaced. It was a mite difficult for me until I caught on to where the author was going with it. First, Darwinists have their own lingo that helps them sound like real scientists. They can baffle and even impress the public with it, and bewildered people accept what scientists say because they're scientists. Evolutionists also hide their appeals to Darwinian magic in their word salad.

Sauropod dinosaur, Unsplash / Vaibhav Pixels
This befuddlement is used in discussions of dinosaur size. If you've ever seen movies like Them! about giant ants, educated people have to suspend their disbelief with a vengeance. Why? Laws of gravity, physics, and that sort of thing limit the size a creature can reach. Giant ants (or a fifty-foot woman, for that matter) could not attack anything because they could not move. Our Creator has set growth limits in organisms to they cannot become too large to live.

"So how did sauropods get to be eighty-five feet and sixty-five tons, Cowboy Bob?"

Simply put, they were designed to be able to grow. They also had foot pads. This is where the jargon comes in. Reading through the code words, you will find circular reasoning and appeals to evolutionary magic. In fact, it strikes me as evolution as a person magically giving them foot pads because they needed them — once again, the dogma of purposeless evolution is ignored when convenient. To see how all this makes sense, find your way over to "Magical Thinking in Sauropod Evolution Footwork." Take a look at the references section, too.