Yellowstone National Park Flood Catastrophe

Regular readers may have noticed that articles from the Institute for Creation Research about national parks have been featured here. This time, we will look at two of them about various features of Yellowstone National Park. Its 2.2 million acres became protected as the first national park in 1872.

People may not know that they are taking selfies with bison while strolling around on top of a supervolcano, and magma is three miles below the surface. This is why there are so many geysers and hot springs, including Old Faithful — which erupts a bit more frequently nowadays.

Yellowstone National Park, on the caldera of a supervolcano, has many special features, including thermal and others. The best explanation for what is seen is creation science Genesis Flood geology.
Yellowstone caldera, Flickr / AleGranholm (CC BY 2.0)
Secular geologists throw around millions of years like politicians throw around tax money, but it's because the naturalistic narrative requires it, not evidence. The thermal stuff is is best explained by creation science Genesis Flood geology.
The park is unique for its travertine flows, mud pots, hot springs, and canyons. It houses over 10,000 thermal features and over half the world’s geysers.1 Its otherworldly landscapes plus raw wildlife have been sufficient causes to protect the region for generations. In this two-part series, we’ll explore park features that fit well with biblical history.
Before I send you to the first of these two articles, one small gripe. ICR writers seem a mite pretentious, acting like the Flood models they present are unique to them. While ICR may have certain theories of their own, most of this is standard among biblical creation geologists. Okay, now you can read the whole article (and see some excellent pictures) at "Yellowstone National Park, Part 1: A Flood Supervolcano." Don't forget to carve out a few moments for the next one!

Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Unsplash / A Hubbs
The Grand Canyon is well-known by the public as well as geologists, but there's another one in Yellowstone. While not as big as its neighbor in Arizona, this one is also impressive. Obviously, secularists play with the millions of years thing, but knowing some basic science facts, one can see that it is only thousands of years old. Also, fossil petrified tree trunks are also explained by the catastrophic global Flood. To read about these things and see more excellent pictures, click on "Yellowstone National Park, Part 2: Canyons and Catastrophe." You may also like "Petrified Forests at Yellowstone Invalidate Long Ages."