Scientists Believe Water was on Mars Despite Evidence

Remember when people thought that there could be life on Mars, but it would be difficult because Mars is such a desert? Then scientists pulled bottles of snake oil out of their carpetbags, saying that Mars not only had water long ago, but oceans and possibly a global flood? Good times, good times.

The folks at NASA had their Curiosity rover checking out the planet, even spotting a crab and a lady, but provided disappointment for Earthlings when Gale Crater turned out to have no signs of water. Later, Perseverance landed in Jezero Crater in 2021.

Secular scientists were so sure there was water on Mars, they made disappointment seem like hope even when evidence there was none at Jezero Crater.
Jezero Crater imagined as a lake, NASA / JPL-Caltech (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents
Nope. Ain't got none here, neither. What may have looked like sedimentary rock was actually igneous. They "saw" evidence of water because they wanted to, and maybe they neglected to be dutiful scientists and consider other possible explanations for what they observed. After all, evolutionists do not consider evidence of the Creator's design work here on Earth.

But they were so sure! There has to be water because the secular narrative demands it. After all, where there's water, there's life, right? When confronted with inconvenient truths, they put the Washing Machine of Truth on the spin cycle and act like they're all excited. Then they soldier on in their search. Mayhaps Perseverance was given its name because secularists persevere in their efforts to justify evolution so they can pretend there is no Creator. They need to repent before each of them has a bad eternity.
NASA’s Perseverance Rover landed in Jezero Crater on Mars in February 2021. It went there for one main reason: that crater looked like it was once filled with water. A drainage channel leading into the crater fit the picture of an ancient river that poured into the 30-mile-wide crater, filling it with water and minerals. Orbital pictures seemed to support this view, showing what looked like sedimentary layers. It was a prime target. Maybe life had found a pleasant place to emerge billions of years ago!

Sadly, those hopes were dashed when Perseverance turned its chemical analysis on rocks in the crater. Its SuperCam instrument revealed that those weren’t sedimentary rocks. They were igneous rocks. If anything flowed into the crater, it was lava—not water.
Watch how the disappointed scientists sound excited about their disappointment.

To read in amazement, drill down into "Mars Water Hope Evaporates." This tiny video from several years ago shows how secular scientists have been determined to find water on Mars: