Bird Beak Evolution Upended

Riekert Darkens of the Darwin Ranch is an evolutionary astrologer and part-time carnival worker who gives lectures in town. It is not a large town, but has supplies that ranchers and folks like me need. When someone is going to give a talk, people want the entertainment. Darkens tried to evosplain away a problem.

It has long been a dogma of Darwinism that bird beaks evolved from fused upper beaks (they could not be moved). Then hinged beaks evolved, so that is what modern birds have. Emus, ostriches, and others that have fused upper beaks are deemed "primitive." Because evolution.

Emu, RGBStock / CMC13, edited at remove bg and Pixlr
Darkens couldn't explain how a fossil of a bird with a hinged beak was discovered, and that it caused serious ripples throughout bird evolution. Again, speculations by evolutionists about the distant past based on their assumptions do not replace the truth about the Creator.
Science is dynamic. What was considered incontrovertible for decades can be overturned with a simple discovery or more research.

So it is with the never-ending problems with bird evolution. As creationists, we understand birds were created as birds thousands of years ago on Day 5 of the creation week. A majority of evolutionists, however, posit birds somehow evolved from bony-tailed theropod dinosaurs.

The prestigious Nature magazine stated, “When it comes to understanding the earliest evolution of modern birds, beak structure is crucial.”

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