Ichthyosaur Burial Explanations Getting Worse

As said before, Question Evolution Day (12 February) is multifaceted. In addition to speech and academic freedoms, it is an encouragement to get people to ride up on the hill to look at the bigger picture — and think. Folks cannot simply accept the assertions of scientists regarding historical science and origins.

There should be a passel of red flags dropping when reading explanations about a group of ichthyosaurs that were fossilized. One flag is that secularists have been attempting to explain it for decades. The latest effort is...truly bizarre; that should be a red flag all by itself.

Paleontologists have been struggling for decades to explain an ichthyosaur graveyard. The latest effort is weird. Genesis Flood explanation is best.
Shastasaurus altispinus (ichthyosaur), WikiComm / Dmitry Bogdanov (CC BY-SA 3.0)
On a quick side note, people group critters like these, mastodons, pterosaurs, and others with dinosaurs. It makes things easier when issuing postage stamps and the Bag-O-Plastic-Toy-Figures. And casual conversation.

Ichthyosaurs came in various shapes and sizes, and there are numerous types. Some rivaled (and possibly surpassed) the huge blue whales. The fossilization that secularists find so mysterious partially depends on the debunked belief that when something dies, it sinks to the bottom of the lake, ocean, or whatever, and is gradually buried. Scavengers big and small make short work of them, as seen with whales and other sea creatures.

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What we have here are secular scientists who are so locked into their deep time beliefs, and will not question evolution itself, they reject the best explanation out of hand. Observed facts can be plugged into creation science models of the Genesis Flood, and they would have their "mystery" solved.
Scientists deserve respect for their years of hard study, learning about techniques, equipment, and math. Getting that PhD does not always mean becoming an expert in common sense, however. See if the following tale about a mass graveyard of giant ichthyosaurs in Nevada passes the absurdity test.

I'd be much obliged if y'all didn't stop here, and would read the rest at "Fossil Graveyard Explanation Ridiculous Without a Flood." You'll thank me later. A related article is "Flood Explains Grouping of Ichthyosaurs."