The Holocaust and Darwinian Scientists

People are able to analyze in detail the numerous records, narratives, and all sorts of documents to learn about the evils of Nazism. They may think that Adolf Hitler dreamed up all sorts of ideas and implemented them when he came to power, but that is not the case.

No dictator, rescuer, or movement on a large scale ever happens spontaneously or in a vacuum. The groundwork has already been laid. Charles Darwin did not invent evolution, but capitalized on ideas of his grandfather and others, all the way back to ancient Greek philosophers and Hindus. Hitler was also an opportunist, and Darwin was a big part of the Nazi plan.

Auschwitz Gateway Sign, Pixabay / Krzysztof Pluta
People are enamored with celebrities, and that is abundantly clear in the modern Western world. They seldom have knowledge about the subjects they rant about, and fans unthinkingly embrace whatever is being promoted. Similarly, scientists and intellectuals espoused Nazism even before Hitler became a part of it. (That's right, Nazism wasn't invented by him.) People joined the Nazi party because it was the in thing, but also because many pretty much had to so they could keep working. And yes, people also joined because they believed in its goals — whether they knew all of them or not.

Scientists supported the Nazis, with Darwinism and eugenics being prominent. Darwin's views were about survival, and violence was necessary. Nazis hated the Jews and considered them dangerous to German society. Darwinism became a part of Hitler's thinking.

While Hitler did not seem to have many original ideas, he had a gift for motivation and rallying people. Can you imagine if he went against the trends and used his abilities to preach the gospel? Instead, he followed the popular view and undoubtedly was thrilled to be a part of what the cool kids were doing.

The case of Professor Change Laura Tan (see 11 Jan 2023) has numerous parallels with academia in Europe, especially in Germany during the WWII era. I will let the reader draw the many obvious parallels between academe’s response in Europe during the last century and university culture today. I have relied heavily on Professor Steven Hick’s work because, as an academic, he has managed to effectively relate the heart of the European situation. This allows me to outline the comparison without cluttering the paper with scores of footnotes and references.

To read this interesting article, see "Darwinian Scientists Produced the Holocaust." The excerpt mentioned the case of Change Laura Tan. That article and another are linked in this post. Also of interest (same author, different site) is "Darwinism and the Nazi Race Holocaust." In these two articles, Dr. Bergman proves his case quite handily.