Stars Killing Offspring Planets

According to the most popular theory for solar system formation, stars are essentially the parents of planets. Staying with the secular model, stars act up quite a bit in their youthful exuberance and do great damage to planets that are trying to evolve into something habitable.

Rocky planets (like the first four of our solar system) might not be exterminated if they can fire up their magnetic fields. Earth has one that provides a shield from solar radiation and such, but it is unlikely for other planets under their conditions.

According to cosmic evolution, stars are essentially the parents of planets. Secular scientists see that stars kill planets before they can evolve.
Hubble finds blue star cluster, NASA / ESA, / L. Bianchi (usage does not imply endorsement)
Researchers looked at these problems in great detail and realized that the possibility of habitable extrasolar planets has been greatly diminished. They even tried an ludicrous "belatedly habitable" story that eats its own face.

When secularists keep trying to deny the reality of the intelligent design of the Creator and of the young universe, they keep wasting time and money. After all, our own sun is quite well-tempered for the most part, and we have our shields up. To read the very interesting article that this introduction is all about, click on "Stars Kill Their Planets."