The Heavenly Promotion of Dr. John D. Morris

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

It was not entirely surprising for me to learn that Dr. John D. Morris had passed away on 29 January 2023, since he had health problems that included at least one previous stroke. Not until recently did I learn that in 1975 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But Dr. John was not the type to let the bad circumstances take over.

Back in 1991, I was able to travel to Schaumburg, Illinois and attend a Back to Genesis conference that ICR was conducting. I met not only Dr. John Morris, but Dr. Henry M. Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, and Ken Ham. The presentations impacted me tremendously...memory flicker...if I rightly recollect, I helped with the movie projector between talks.

Dr. John D. Morris was an important part of creation science, and his life story had amazing adventures. People share their memories of him.
Dr. John D. Morris image via Institute for Creation Research
John was a busy man, even after he retired from being president of ICR. Before that, he was convinced that Noah's Ark could be found, and was involved in efforts to do just that. His stories could be made into impressive and exciting motion pictures. He wanted to go again, but political tensions in the area caused great difficulty.

I felt that there was an intensity to Dr. Morris when he wrote and gave presentations. This creation science geologist (specifically, his degree was in geological engineering) knew his material, but made it possible for us reg'lar folks to understand what he was talking about.

Father and son autographs
When I pulled out the book so I could scan the autographs, another came along with it: A booklet by Dr. Morris called Noah's Ark — Adventures on Ararat. Interesting how that happened.

Like thousands of others, I met him briefly but the experience was a part of my development as a biblical creationist. Although he was not active in creation science ministry work in his last years, he will be missed. Books by Dr. Morris as well as videos can be found, and ICR has numerous articles available that he has written.

It is well known that Wickedpedia is extremely biased against biblical creationists. Their material on Dr. Morris is extremely brief, and they made a point of inserting a negative view from other biased sources.

Now I'm going to turn the podium over to people with more direct knowledge than I have. First, ICR's article, "Dr. John Morris Is at Home with His Lord." Then there is an article by Mark Looy of Answers in Genesis, "Reflections on the Life of Adventurer and Creation Scientist Dr. John Morris." Other tributes will probably  be written, and I'll probably add those when they appear.
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