Empty Assertions of Frog Pattern Evolution

Propaganda and bad logic seem to be increasing more and more from purveyors of tadpole-to-tiger evolution. Funding is provided to research evolution, but study on it: How is that beneficial outside of keeping the circle unbroken of funding evolutionary science?

Although the secular science industry maintains that evolution is essential for science, especially medicine, we have seen that is false. Scientists study frog patterns. Since it involves the science of genetics that was initiated by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him), there may still be practical value. Otherwise, it's more evolutionary study for its own sake.

Evolutionists study things to find evolution. There is little value in studying the evolution of frog patterns, but the genetics aspect may be useful.
Striped Marsh Frog on Carpet (cropped), Flickr / Ursula Skjonnemand (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Mayhaps you've noticed that among the patterns on frogs and their kin are also stripes. Lots of them. Darwin's disciples presuppose that the stripes evolved, and that evolution is the only possible answer. Those are not logical ideas. They also neglect to question if stripes and other patterns evolved in the first place, since evolution is infested with difficulties and contradictions.

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It is entirely reasonable to believe what evolutionists reject out of hand: common design is evidence of the common Designer. That makes more sense than the unquestioning acceptance of frog stripes and patterns evolving hundreds of times — but there is no evidence for it happening even once. Actually, God likes variety and he loves us, so it's not difficult to think that our pleasure in seeing patterns is also a part of his purpose.

Color patterns in animals, whether vertebrates or invertebrates, are designed by the Creator for camouflage, warning, courtship, or, simply, for the aesthetic value.

Evolutionists have recently conducted investigation of anuran color patterns, “A team of researchers from NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) has discovered new insights into the evolution of color patterns in frogs and toads—collectively known as anurans.”

But did these color patterns evolve? The same article stated, “Although this color pattern is widespread in frogs around the world, little is known regarding its evolution or genetic origin.”

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