Evolutionists Wasting Time and Money

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Up yonder near Deception Pass lies the Darwin Ranch, but if you go without an invite, watch out because the Winkie Guards get a mite irritable about trespassing. An exception is when the ranch hands feel generous and share the peyote with them.

We have seen in numerous posts that evolutionary thinking has actually been harmful to medical science. Such thinking has been a waste of time and money in other areas of science as well (for example, see "The Absence of Alien Contact"). It is a vexation to see supposedly educated folks get paid for doing nothing useful.

Evolutionary thinking is harmful to medical science, useless to science in general. Many alleged discoveries only support evolution, not real science.
Modified from a photograph at Pixnio
Tinhorns like Bill Nye the Leftist Propaganda Guy and others claim that science cannot advance without evolution, but that falsehood is easily refuted. Still, they proclaim it. There is a "meme" on Fakebook at Evolution is a Lie of a game show contestant being asked, "Which branch of the sciences has Darwinian evolution advanced the most since its advent in 1859?" There are four possible answer boxes, and all are blank.

Don't be getting a burr under your saddle until you can show how evolutionary science is nothing more than a self-serving money grab to support evolutionary science. It's a circle. People doing this stuff are wasting their education as well as time and money (I emphasize those last two things because it's what secularists understand most), and showing little actual logic.

In what follows, we see how weasel words are used when actual science is required; put up or shut up, evolutionists. Our brains developed like those of squids? Sure, Skippy. Retroviruses are studied from an "evolutionary point of view", but some of us want results, not propaganda for atheistic naturalism. Then there's evolution and cold climates, and yet another self-serving university release about evolution that is useless to people. To see what got me wound up (and see some interesting cartoon drawings by Brett Miller), hop on over to "Fire the Useless Darwinists." But I have one more paragraph below before you go.

One big part of Question Evolution Day is freedom of speech. Also, academic and intellectual freedoms are involved. I've noticed that logical thinking is also becoming a part of QED. Those of us who have some skill in that area should be pointing out to people who believe feckless Darwin propagandists who need to get real jobs are being deceived. There is a Creator, and the evidence is plentiful.