Medical Adhesives and Biomimetics

As most people probably know, biomimetics is taking what is observed in nature and mimicking it for human uses. Then they ignore the Creator or praise the puny gods of evolutionism. God has designed many things in nature for which we can obtain benefits through study and technology.

This may not be directly an example of biomimetics, but I expect to have knee surgery about six weeks from now. The effectiveness of elastic therapeutic tape (kinesiology tape) is disputed, but I have had less pain and more stability while using it. In some ways, this elastic cotton stuff mimics human skin. Just thought I would put this bit here.

Medical bandages, Pixabay / Hans
One way in which medical science has progressed is keeping repairs in place. Stitches are used to close up the skin but many times they do not need to be removed on a subsequent visit. They dissolve. How about replacing staples? Medical practitioners and patients alike would be glad of this. Some ingenious uses of biomimetics are providing several adhesives for various applications.
Surgeons are hoping to trade in staples and stitches for glue. They’re not thinking about the Elmer’s glue most of us used in elementary school. Even the strongest man-made adhesive doesn’t work on wet, slippery surfaces like human organs. But God has placed surprising solutions throughout his creation. Some unassuming creatures produce tenaciously sticky substances naturally. Researchers hope to mimic these materials and create safer surgical procedures.

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