Evolutionary Word Salad for Powered Flight

When using an airplane, people know that the plane did not just happen by chance. It had to be designed by engineers, tested, certified for safety, and so on. They know that there are requirements for it to get off the ground and back down safely.

Meanwhile, believers in universal common descent assume evolution to be true and then work from there; it is a given. It is not questioned by most secular scientists. Some people want to know how powered flight in four lifeforms came to be.

Evolutionists claim to have explanations for powered flight in owls and other living things, but they are stories, not science. Crediting the Creator is unthinkable to them.
Owl in Flight, PxHere
Time and time again, evolutionists simply provide evoporn. The phrase word salad is used to describe nonsensical speech by people who have certain mental illnesses, but it is now used in other ways. It is accurately describes how evolutionists "explain" things many times.

Evoporn defined

The last few posts on this weblog have illustrated the lack of empirical science and logical thinking of evolutionists based on their worldview. Admitting the Creator engineered powered flight in several living things is unthinkable to them. They start with evolution, and then tell their tales —but there is no science! Speculation, assumptions, conjecture, possibly plausible tales, yes. Denying God has dumbed them down, and they don't even realize they are not really using science.

Aeronautical engineers understand the challenge of powered flight: getting a heavier-than-air body to take off, maneuver against gravity, and land safely. One doesn’t just attach wings to a rock. It takes foresight, energy, coordination, hardware and software. Evolutionists believe these things just happened—and happened four times.

There are four categories of animals that master (or did master) powered flight: insects, pterosaurs, birds and bats. Do evolutionists have a solid explanation for the origin of powered flight in any of them? See if you can find any in these news reports from the materialist, secularist, design-denying media.

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