The Missing Microbes of Mars

Secularists are still gnawing on that bone of extraterrestrial life, and they have not given up on Martian life. Most naturalists know that there is no chance for abiogenesis on Earth, so they look for it elsewhere, wasting our tax money in their efforts to show that the Creator is unnecessary — or does not even exist.

Apparently nobody is holding out hope for finding signs of complex life forms or an advanced civilization in the distant past; they seem to think it would make Earth unremarkable. Microbes are a different matter.

Secularists are paid to tell stories without evidence. They speculate that Mars may have microbes, then tear down the story, all without evidence.
Mars, NASA / JPL-Caltech (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Although not advanced life, microbes on Mars (or anywhere else up yonder) are thought by naturalists to support their beliefs if they are ever found.

There are numerous fantasies masquerading as science about the unobserved distant past of Mars, including how it was a really swell place. Building a Just-So Story upon another, mayhaps there was microbial life underground. Yeah! That's the key...except it would have change conditions on the planet and eliminated itself. No signs of any of this having happened. Then the logic gets even stranger.

But those holding to a naturalistic worldview continue to have hope—even faith—that the Red Planet was at one time thriving with life. Such a conviction is based on the strange hypothesis that organic life can spring spontaneously from inorganic non-life. This theory is called spontaneous abiogenesis. Here on Earth, evolutionists are still at square one in their vain attempt to show how a life-from-non-life event could have occurred more than 3.5 billion years ago.

Recently, a discovery has been made that throws a wet blanket on the theory that Mars was once a lush planet:

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