Sauropod Storytelling is Evoporn

Rusty Swingset is working with his masters in the secular science industry to award a prize. It would be a visit to Deception Pass and the Darwin Ranch itself. (This child thinks that Dr. P. Martin Sander wants to win it and do horseback riding, mayhaps see the Winkie Guards and their supervisor, Lisa Myworries.) He did a tremendous favor to science itself by writing about how sauropod dinosaurs evolved, and he made it open access. Be still, my beating heart! We can learn what Darwin's acolytes know.

An evolutionist wrote an open access paper supposedly describing the evolution of sauropod dinosaurs such as the brontosaurus. It ends up being storytelling based on faith.
Brontosaurus, Flickr / Chobist (CC BY 2.0)

What does this boon to the betterment of science actually say? Words related to evolve are used excessively and without need. (I reckon it makes the material sound more sciency and all that good stuff.)  Part of my sarcasm is because there is actually no evidence of dinosaur evolution, but a passel of myths. What do we learn from Dr. Sander? Where is the logic, for crying out loud? Does he succeed in making evolutionists feel good?

The fact that sauropods were the product of the Master Engineer shines through despite the naturalism of Sander. As expected, he does not credit God for his work. All we get is a massive Just-So Story that not only explains nothing, the author is acting in faith, hoping that answers will be found. Except for descriptive material, he could have saved himself some effort.

They are among the most magnificent animals to have ever walked the earth: sauropod dinosaurs. With their long necks and equally long tails, thick bodies and giant legs, these beasts defy description. They would have amazed anyone who saw them. The expression on the face of paleontologist Dr Alan Grant in the original Jurassic Park movie when he beheld a Brachiosaurus feeding on a tall tree probably represents what our own reactions would have been to see one. Fortunately, the sauropods were vegetarian.

You can finish reading and be amazed, very amazed by visiting "The Non-Evolution of Sauropod Dinosaurs."