Secular Scientists Unable to Explain Mongolia Dinosaur Graveyard

Not so long ago, we discussed how secular scientists were baffled by a mass burial site over Nevada way for decades. Their latest effort at explaining what was observed was so bad, it was insulting to thinking people. What about this Sinornithomimus dongi herd in Inner Mongolia?

Some bones were discovered years ago. A team did some excellent detailed work at excavation. The evidence led into the base of a hill, and they retrieved over twenty-five of the critters. They were in the same rock layer, facing the same direction, and were well preserved.

Creationist Flood models easily explain the fossilized Sinornithomimus herd. Like they often do, secularists fight the facts and make things worse.
Sinornithomimus Scale, Wikimedia Commons / Slate Weasel (PD)
Biblical creationists can easily explain what is observed through Genesis Flood models, including how they were trying to escape, the poses of the deceased, the fact that their conditions testifies to rapid burial, and even how this herd was all juveniles.

As in other cases, secularists are locked into their worldviews, presupposing naturalism and not even considering the global Flood. Instead, they are digging up (heh!) risible explanations. (Such as the parents left all the juveniles alone while they did big dino stuff.) As we have seen many times, refusal to relinquish foundations built on sand brings out explanations that are contradictory to science, and also raise further questions.
An international team of scientists have uncovered graphic evidence of the deadly terror unleashed on a herd of dinosaurs as they were buried under sediment by the rising waters of Noah’s Flood . . .

Dinosaur bones were first discovered at the site, located at the base of a small hill in the Gobi Desert, in 1978 by a Chinese geologist. After about 20 years, a team of Chinese and Japanese scientists recovered the first skeletons, which they named Sinornithomimus, meaning “Chinese bird mimic”.

The entire article is found at "Dinosaur herd buried in Noah’s Flood in Inner Mongolia, China."