Giving Attention to Evolutionists and Atheists

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Materialists dominate the media with naturalistic propaganda for atoms-to-atheist evolution. Not only that, internet atheists try to bushwhack Christians and creationists, demanding equal time on our sites, social(ist) media, and so on — but not extending the same courtesy to us.

Secularists have their peer-reviewed scientific journals, but biblical creationists and Intelligent Design proponents are not allowed to present scientific information for their views in them. It may be baffling to some creationists looking on that we present their own words instead of shunning them.

What is the deal?

Christians cannot hide or shield their children indefinitely from atheism and evolution. Instead, we must face it and learn how to properly deal with it.

I'll allow that arguing with atheists is a difficult thing, and there are several reasons. One is that many professing Christians are woefully uninformed of what the Bible teaches, nor do they know what and why they believe. In addition, many that claim to be creationists are too lazy to do more than post "memes" and platitudes. I have recently seen one Christian who argues with atheopaths, and his arguments are embarrassingly weak. Those atheopaths give him a verbal backhand and move on.

Another problem, however (and I succumb to this myself on occasion) is that being blunt to get their attention and call them out on logical fallacies can quickly become caustic and unchristian. Sometimes Christians act as bad as the atheists and evolutionists they are "debating." Indeed, I have called out a couple of supposedly Christian Pages on Fakebook because they acted like the misotheists. (Or were they atheists pretending to be Christians? That does happen.) The "Christians" proved my point with unchristian verbal abuse.

Further, some Christophobes just want to justify their bigotry and rebellion against God by trolling social media. When a knowledgeable creationist stands up to one of them, watch how they dodge, insult, move the goalposts, refuse to answer challenges, and more.

Numerous fallacies. Count 'em. (Used under federal Fair Use provisions for educational purposes.)

Discerning Christians can tell when they are being played and it's time to shake the dust off their feet.

With all these things to consider about the antics of misotheists and other Darwinists, the question gets louder about why we give them any attention.

The subject of statements of interest was discussed a spell back. We are using their words against them in a manner similar a principle in American law. Since well-heeled evolutionists in the secular science industry are inadvertently working for us, creationists can examine their reports and comments. From there, creation scientists show their poor reasoning and where the science fails. 
Numerous creation science books, articles, and videos quote or use as references material from evolutionists. Indeed, Creation-Evolution Headlines uses a prairie schooner-full of their own words against them.

Some people think all that creationists do is nitpick evolution, but that is the opposite of the truth. See "Reasons Creationists Critique Evolution."

Those who read biblical creation science material can learn how to think (secularists tell people what to think). Also, onlookers on social platforms can not only see how we react in certain situations, but also if we have substance to our arguments. We can plant seeds in the minds of unbelievers, and hopefully they'll begin to question evolution. Ultimately, they need to repent and submit to Jesus Christ, the Creator.

To read the Feedback article that got this child all het up to write an article his ownself, see "Giving airtime to atheists?"